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This is a pre-production service provided and supported by the UWinnipeg Library for the UW Community. A request to create a blog can be directed to and will be created as resources permit.

Please note the opinions and comments presented on these blogs are not necessarily those of the University of Winnipeg.

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Technical problems should be sent to; however, those with the power to reconfigure their blog and make significant changes to settings should copy/back-up templates and make detailed notes before making changes in case they need to revert. All bloggers should be aware of the blog comment and trackback spam that can be created by entries left open for comments or trackbacks; blog entries should not be left open for too long or unnecessarily and should be closed after a week or so once the discussion winds down.

For additional support and discussion of best practices, 'blogadmins' (those taking the lead/initiative or owning/operating their own blog, can subscribe to the BLOGADMINS mailman list.