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I'm back after some months of being out for medical reasons. I've just published the first of my new blog entries, but not at this address. I've moved my blog to a new platform. The new address is http://christopherleo.wordpress.com. The title of my latest entry speaks for itself: Will Calgary's new mayor succeed where Obama has failed?

With the new platform comes a new column, entitled "Passing Scene". It's a collection of brief entries containing comments about ideas and events that I encounter or that occur to me day to day.

Most new entries in that column, which runs down the centre of the blog,

... are reflected in a corresponding twitter post on my account. That account goes by the same name as the column: PassingScene. In the right-hand column, you will find the same material (About, Categories, Well-researched blogs).

If you want to go back to some of my older entries, you can also access them in the right-hand column, under "Archived articles". The links there correspond to my categories, and will take you to those categories in the old blog.