April 12, 2005

Tracking blog subjects without blog categories

Once upon a time, I asked several bloggers if they could provide category feeds for certain topics on their blogs as I was only interested in following those topics and not their entire blogs.

Both the Distant Libarian and the Science Library Pad guy told me that their blogging software did not allow them to create category feeds. I was very disappointed.

Then, I got an email from the Science Library Pad guy, pointing to this entry in his blog, "using Blogdigger to create custom category RSS feeds".

Now I'm wondering how to locate a blog's blogdigger ID and then I will be happily on my way to creating a feed for the Distant Librarian's "Tutorial" category.

Update: OK, I didn't do my homework. Turns out the Distant Librarian has already created category feeds using the same method. But I would still like to know how you figure out a blog's ID in blogdigger.

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