May 9, 2005

Where is she now?

Some of our library staff may know that Sherri Vokey hosts her blog on of our servers. After many people heard about and saw blogging in action at the MLA Conference, library staff have been asking about blogs, so I want to recommend Sherri's blog to them as a great example.

I also wanted to point out that Sherri has also found room on our servers for a really great presentation, Ordering Reality Through Classification: Making the Case for Tags and Folksonomies, which she gave to UNLV Libraries' staff. In the presentation, she talks about classification theory and how many fixed or conventional classification schemes (such as LC) cannot be responsive to changes in society and therefore fail to adequately represent people's understanding. She then give some great examples of how tags (or labels) and folksonomies (flexible taxonomies designed by the "folk" who use them) can be used to open up traditional classification and make it more responsive to the users.

Mark should be interested in this in support of his ideas for an OLAF (Open Library Applications Framework) in our library.

All this excitement is generating positive attention from our neighbours to the south. Meredith thinks Canadian libraries (and library folk) are very cool. Oh Canada!

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