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May 31, 2005

Draft CLA Resolution

Lisa has taken the "restaurant" version found on my blog

CLA Resolution

whereas UNESCO has identified Information Literacy as a critical to bridging the digital divide AND

whereas studies have demonstrated a relationship between library instruction and student achievement AND

whereas adequate access to information includes an understanding of how to recognize, gather, evaluate and use information effectively

whereas Information Literacy is a crucial competency in the Information Society

whereas all people have a right to education that teaches them the literacy skills required to shape their own lives and contribute to society

whereas despite the importance of Information Literacy to society and the increasing demand for library instruction in Canadian libraries, only 50% of Canadian graduate programs in library and information studies have courses devoted to library instruction and Information Literacy in their curricula, and those courses are electives only

Be it resolved that the CLA include Information Literacy in its mission and priorities and commit to advocating for the importance of information literacy with key partners and at all levels of government

Be it further resolved that the CLA encourage all libraries to develop information literacy programs

Be it further resolved that the CLA lobby government for funding in support of information literacy programming and professional development in this area

Be it further resolved that the CLA develop a program which promotes information literacy and related information literacy initiatives, with a view to educating government, educators and the general public about the importance of information literacy and librarian's role in fostering it.

Be it further resolved that the CLA form a committee designed to steer advocacy efforts for Information Literacy in Canada

Be it further resolved that CLA formally encourage library schools to incorporate classes on library instruction and information literacy into their curricula.

Be it further resolved that the CLA create an annual award recognizing key information literacy initiatives, collaborations and best practices in teaching and learning in this critical area

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