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July 15, 2005

Finding IL gold in Canadian Sociology textbook

If any of you are doing IL instruction for a Sociology class using the textbook "Introducing Sociology: A Critical Approach" (3rd ed.) by Murray Knuttila, published by OUP Canada -- there is info lit gold in the "Related Web Sites" and "Suggested Further Readings."

In Chapter 2, one of the web sites cited is by Chris Brand and the site itself is fine, but you can easily link to a page about him and how he was fired by his university for his stated views on pedophilia, and, allegedly, also for his book linking race and intelligence. The annotated citation in the text gives his affiliation as University of Edinburgh, even though he was fired in 1997. So much fodder for discussion, both regarding the site and the textbook's inclusion of it.

In Chapter 9, the suggested readings give one citation for two articles that appear in a special section of a 2000 issue of American Journal of Sociology. This journal is in JSTOR, but it can be difficult to find the articles unless you browse because neither article title is given, and there is a mistake in the first author's name.

I just had to share, because these sorts of fall-in-your-lap perfect examples that are tied to the course content happen so rarely. Go find out if your Sociology department is using this textbook and make sure you get in the class. Go now!

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July 6, 2005

And IL resolutions for all my friends

CLA wasn't the only national library association passing information literacy-related resolutions last month. ALA's said in part "Resolved that the ALA encourages its members to teach and nurture 21st century information literacy skills among the American public to help them detect disinformation, media manipulation, and missing information." Check out the full resolution -- titled "Resolution on Disinformation, Media Manipulation and the Destruction of Public Information" -- on Library Juice.

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