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August 31, 2005

IL in Canada Wishlist

Hi everybody. Sorry for the long delays in posting, we're still sorting out bugs with the blog and of course everyone's been on summer holiday...

At the "Spitting in the Wind: IL in Canada" session at the excellent U of Guelph-hosted WILU 2005, participants gathered to hash out a plan for what might be needed to advance the IL cause in Canada and help us all in our jobs. Using the flipcharts from the session I created a group wishlist sorted into general categories, which I'm posting here for your comment.

Obviously a wishlist is just a list of wishes and not a plan -- however I'd encourage ILIG, the CARL IL Task Force, the WILU Steering Committee and CORIL members to take a look and see how their organizations might be able to assist with some of the items in the list. I will also send it to the CLA Executive, as the CLA recently endorsed a resolution on supporting IL in Canada. I should clarify that this is not MY list, but a list created by the participants in the session which I have put together in one piece. I also encourage any instruction librarian to post to the blog and let us know if you are working on, or are willing to work on any of the items listed. Maybe we can create some informal working groups out of this, who can report back via the blog or at WILU 2006 in Wolfville?

Please save your comments for the blog, rather than replying to me directly ... I am merely the messenger...

Here's the file:
Download file

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