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September 9, 2005

CORIL needs you...

Looking for good teaching materials for the fall term? Or do you have teaching materials you would like to share with your colleagues across Canada? CORIL (the Cooperative Online Repository of Information Literacy Learning Objects) is an Ontario Council of University Libraries project that was started a year or so ago (full disclosure: I'm co-chair of the CORIL editorial board). Basically it's using the MIT developed DSPace technology to create a repository that IL librarians can post teaching materials to, for sharing purposes. The idea behind it came from Phyllis Wright, who after doing some research on various online projects in Ontario came to the conclusion that there was too much duplication of effort across the province. So at CORIL you can add material or you can borrow (and presumably adapt) material contributed by others.

CORIL is quite a small repository, but is really looking to grow. If you have teaching materials you'd like to share, it would really help us out and as there is a fair amount of traffic to the site -- it would help promote your work. For instance, a great exercise and video clip for faculty teaching workshops designed by librarians at Guelph has been downloaded over 200 times, and it's only been available in the repository for less than a year.

There are two collections in CORIL, an Open Collection and a Peer-Reviewed collection. The Open Collection is completely unfiltered and is designed for presentation slides, exercises, handouts and other materials of that nature. The Peer-Reviewed collection hosts materials that involve more substantive investments of time, such as online tutorials, workbooks and video clips. If you choose to go the peer-reviewed route, the editorial board will review your submission and get back to you with a decision and suggested revisions if necessary.

Membership and submission privileges are available for any Canadian librarian, so please take a look and share your stuff! Sharing is nice!

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September 6, 2005

Professional Development for Academic Instruction Librarians

An Invitation from UTSC:

Dear colleagues:

Please accept this invitation to to enrol in a one day professional development seminar at the University of Toronto at Scarborough entitled: "Creating Your Teaching Portfolio: Documenting a Librarian's Instructional Achievements", Friday December 9, 2005, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm. This seminar was part of the WILU 2005 conference and this programme is now offered in response to interest generated at the conference - thank you WILU Guelph organizers!

This programme is offered through the "Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines at UTSC". Our goal is to introduce instructional librarians to the concept of the teaching portfolio and to suggest how a portfolio can be useful in achieving your career goals as teachers at universities and colleges. This is an intensive seminar offering you the chance to start your own portfolio, learn tips for developing a narrative statement and triangulate your teaching claims with appropriate sources of data. Librarians interested in this professional development event are encouraged to apply early as enrolment is limited.

Thank you,

Fran Sardone
Research Skills Instruction
Teaching & Learning Services
Academic Resources AC310B
University of Toronto at Scarborough

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