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February 20, 2006

IL Speaker Series Update

Regarding the post below, the interview ended up going well. Phew! I wasn't sure it was going to happen at all because our speaker for the 14th, Laura Penny, had to postpone. I didn't know if CBC would still be interested (because maybe they were going for the "wacky things to do on Valentine's Day" angle), but happily they were. It was less about IL and more about BS than I'd hoped (and frankly, was prepared for!), but overall a lot of fun.

Unfortunately our video of the first two talks of the series was a bit of a mess; something went awry with the camera and everything was badly out of focus. We were able to strip out the audio and now the audio files are up and accessible at www.mta.ca/library/info_literacy_bs_series.html. The files are a little big so might take a while to download -- I've only tested them on campus and they work fine here. I'll post Laura's talk when it happens.

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February 10, 2006

IL Speaker Series Covered on CBC Radio 1 Show

Tune in to CBC Radio 1's afternoon show "Freestyle" on Tuesday, February 14th (2-4pm, but 1-3pm in Toronto and Winnipeg, and 2:30-4:30 in NL) to hear about a speaker series presented by Mount Allison University Libraries' Information Literacy Program. They'll be doing a short interview with me about "The Bullshit Series."

The series concludes on Feb.14 with Laura Penny, author of last year's Your Call is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit, who will be talking about the ubiquity of bullshit out there. There were two previous speakers in the series. Erin Steuter, sociology professor at Mt.A, who talked about identifying possible causes of BS in the media and to recognize them and deal with them. Craig Brett, Canada Research Chair in Canadian Public Policy and economics professor at Mt.A, talked about dealing with numbers -- recognizing when someone may be trying to pull a fast one on you with a number and deciding whether or not they are.

So essentially, it's a series about critical evaluation of information. I could have called it "The ACRL IL Competency Standard 3 Series" but I don't think it would have been picked up by CBC... I'll post an update later to say how it all went. We hope to have video files of the speakers on our web site -- I'll find out this afternoon if the first recordings were good enough and will post the URL if all goes well.

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