June 20, 2005

Be it resolved -- Information Literacy Does Work!

So this is a belated post from the Canadian Library Association annual conference in Calgary. Two events of significance to the IL community occurred last week.

Firstly, the Annual Great Debate was on the value of library instruction. The topic up for debate was "Be it resolved we teach them nothing: library instruction doesn't work." Mita Sen Roy (University of Windsor) and myself (Lisa Sloniowski, York University) were arguing against the resolution and had a narrow victory over our extremely talented opponents -- Melody Burton and Nancy McCormack (both from Queen's University). It was a fun and spirited debate with good points all round. Audio recordings of the debate will be available soon from the CLA.

Secondly, and more importantly, the Information Literacy Resolution proposed by ILIG passed almost unanimously at the Annual General Meeting of the CLA. The resolution asks the CLA to take a stronger position in advocating for IL and to formally encourage Canadian library schools for more courses on IL and instruction in the core curriculum. I will post the final version of the resolution in the next day or so once I have the time to type it up.

So hurrah! A big step forward for our "community of practice!"

Thanks to all who helped out with the resolution -- in particular Adam Taves who seconded the motion. And thanks to all who voted for library instruction at the Great Debate.

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June 13, 2005

No ILIG Meeting at CLA 2005

For the information of CLA Information Literacy Interest Group members who are planning to attend the CLA conference in Calgary this week, I am sorry to say that there will be no ILIG meeting this year. We are currently in a "coordinator changeover" period and were not able to organize representation at the conference this year.

Instead of attending an ILIG meeting please come out to the CLA Annual General Meeting on Friday June 17 at 3:45pm to support the ILIG-inspired resolution that Lisa Sloniowski has graciously molded and agreed to move.

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