August 23, 2006

Preconference - CLA 2007 in St. John's

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The deadline is approaching for preconference proposals for the CLA conference 2007. (Actually we've been granted an extension to September 5).

I know that the timing is horrendous for those working in schools / colleges / universities! But if you would like to comment and/or add speaker ideas, please comment on this blog.

Here are some titles / themes:

  1. Forget the information literacy theory: voices from the trenches
  2. Has Information Literacy Failed?
  3. Information Literacy in Canada: Where do we go from here?
  4. Information Literacy: Why the disconnect?

Perhaps my somewhat gloomy ideas (they're really not) come from my (mostly) agreement with a recent article by Peter James Williams.

If there's enough interest or ideas and volunteers I'll get the ball rolling on a proposal.

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