June 30, 2005

Because sharing is nice....

Hi all

Some of you in the instruction librarian community will already know about CORIL, but for those of you who don't ...

... the Ontario Council of University Libraries sponsors the Cooperative Online Repository of Information Literacy Learning Objects. This respository uses the MIT-developed DSpace technology to enable the sharing of teaching materials for IL. The idea here is to facilitate better sharing of learning objects such as online tutorials, presentation slides, exercises, guides, websites and/or handouts amongst instruction librarians.

There are two collections in the repository, the open collection and the peer-reviewed. One can submit one's item for peer-review by the CORIL editorial board, or simply place it in the open collection for instant sharing with one's colleagues.

Authors who submit agree to share the material, those librarians who decide to download the material agree to attribute credit to the original author -- but may make whatever changes they deem necessary to the material in order to customize it to their purposes.

CORIL also hosts a listserv for instruction librarians (and the people who love them) interested in discussing IL-related issues.

For more information on CORIL's mandate, submission guidelines and processes, please visit the About CORIL page.

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