May 2, 2006

OCAV Undergraduate Degree Expectations

I've just been asked by our Associate VP (Academic) to create a chart or document of some kind demonstrating the relationship between the ACRL IL standards/competencies and the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations (the new Ontario guidelines for undergrad degrees which have appeared in the wake of the Rae Report). Thought I'd attach the guideline here as they may be of interest to librarians in other provinces as well. What do you think? I think IL is embedded throughout (although never explicitly mentioned), the expectations are based on Bloom's taxonomy and hence sorta follow a similar pattern as the ACRL Competencies and I think I can work with it as an advocacy tool for the Library to become more involved in curricular conversations. However ... maybe we (the Canadian instruction librarian community) should be thinking about a Canadian set of standards, or provincial IL standards that dovetail more exactly with the OCAV expectations? Or is that just crazy talk?

Has anyone else out there done the work to map the two documents? Willing to share? I'd appreciate not reinventing the wheel if I don't have to!

Download OCAV Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations

Posted by Lisa Sloniowski at 10:37 AM