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November 19, 2004

Google Scholar . . . Yahoo/OCLC Toolbar . . . widgets and gadgets - OH MY!

There certainly has been a flurry of activity on the library listervs and blogs these past fews days concerning the launch of Google Scholar and the Yahoo/OCLC Toolbar. Much of the discussion has focussed on whether new cool tools like this will put libraries and librarians 'out of business.' I'll skirt that debate and instead pass on links of interest so that you can test these things out for yourself.

Google Scholar Firefox search plugin (from BioMed Central)

BioMed has posted a Firefox extension for Google scholar. This will be added to the serch box options in the top right hand corner of the browser window.

Google Scholar Bookmarklet
Paul Pival at the University of Calgary has done some tweaking and made a Google Scholar Bookmarklet that you can use to search GS directly from your browser toolbar. There are two flavours:

Mozilla / Firefox: Google Scholar

IE: Google Scholar

Just drag them to your toolbar and start searching!

Yahoo Toolbar
OCLC and Yahoo! have offered up a free joint toolbar that provides one-click access to Open WorldCat as well as Yahoo! Search's Web search engine. At this point, the toolbar only works with Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. A whirligig
OCLC logo to the extreme left on the toolbar clicks to a subset of Open WorldCat (currently 2 million of the 57 million records available in the full WorldCat, reflecting the holdings of some 9,000 libraries).

Download the Toolbar

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