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February 21, 2005

Comments on Macromedia Captivate & Qarbon ViewletBuilder?

I'm currently evaluating tutorial software for both instruction (emphasis: tutorials, scoring and evaluation mechanisms) and distance education (emphasis: not so much the scoring aspect but learning and instructional applications). I've worked previously with Qarbon's ViewletBuilder and really enjoyed the simplicity and ease of use. I've also been taking a closer look at Macromedia's Captivate. Only thing is, I haven't had a lot of experience using it and haven't had a lot of luck finding too many reviews that are written from the academic eLearning perspective. We currently have two licenses of Camtasia Studio installed on workstations that are available for public use (not ideal for staff), but I've never been a fan of Camtasia anyway.

Robin Good offers a comprehensive comparison of ViewletBuilder and Camtasia in "Creating interactive learning tutorials for software"

Leave a comment if you have experiences that you'd like to share in using any of these (or other unmentioned) software packages.

UPDATE: The Distant Librarian was kind enough to post my request for comments on his blog, and it looks like some people are weighing in with their opinions and experiences over there. Check it out!

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