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March 1, 2005

Canadian Librarians in America

I had intended, way back when starting the initial preparation for my move to the United States, to document everything about the process so that it may benefit someone finding themselves in the same situation. This fell by the wayside as I was swept up in all the details and yes, complications involved in actually getting here. However, as tax time approaches, I find myself sifting through documents that I had bookmarked several months ago that are now coming in handy.

  1. Canadian Librarians in America This site is maintained by Carol Dales (a fellow Winterpegger!). It has great information on visa types and some legal information. A CanLib Discussion Forum has been set up - a great place to post your questions!
  2. T4056 - Emigrants and Income Tax
    This useful (but for me, somewhat incomprehensible) document is especially pertinent to those who have severed residential ties with Canada (for more on that, see NR73 Determination of Residency Status).
  3. The Canadian's guide to the Brain-Drain FAQ
    Somewhat outdated and no longer updated, but some useful information here nonetheless. It provides a pretty in-depth discussion of the difference between the two tax systems, and one person's experience leaving Canada for California.

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