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July 12, 2005

IM & Email Reference Staff Training with Captivate Tutorials

Paul had asked a while back if I could share the Captivate tutorials that I put together for staff training, so here they are. They served to get staff up-to-speed on some of the basic and initial setup procedures before we met for some f2f training. Basically, it saved me a whole lot of time running from office to office setting up email proxies and Trillian : ) The staff were quite receptive to using the tutorials to get themselves set up on their own.

These tutorials are highly specific to our setup here at UNLV (i.e. Lotus Notes for email, etc). However if you're interested in what's involved for creating a home-grown IM/email reference setup at your library, these humble little tutorials may provide some insight.

The tutorials may seem a bit choppy because I created them back in May when we first got Captivate, and these are my first and not especially glamorous attempt (I had previously been using ViewletBuilder). At the time I had also used real reference email transcripts and provided all of our passwords for the IM accounts, so I had to record some new slides and consequently the cursor movements are a little disjointed.

Tutorial 1: Setting up a proxy to the library reference email account
swf | 682 kb | 00:01:39

Tutorial 2: Managing email with the library reference account
swf | 1496 kb | 00:03:20

Tutorial 3: Installing and setting up Trillian
swf | 2440 kb | 00:03:30

f2f Staff Training: IM Basics | ppt
This ppt doesn't make a whole lot of sense on its own, but was used during our hands-on training to get staff up-to-speed on the basics of IM, the logging in procedures, and some very basic points about chatetiquette and the 'culture' of chat.

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