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December 10, 2005

Skype ups the ante

Skype announced an important new addition to its IM/VOIP client a couple of weeks ago: free video calling. In order to take advantage of the cool new features, an upgrade to Sykpe 2.0 beta is required, which is currently only available for windows. Bah! And for the low low price of £1.50, you can also purchase a WeeMee: "a character that represents you." Whoopee! Since I can't use the Personalize Skype services with Mac OS, and refuse to pay for a spiffy avatar even if I could use it, I built and took a screenshot of my WeeMee:


But Mac users need not despair! You too can upgrade to a new 1.4 beta version that allows you to display your 'moods' in addition to a few other minor features:

"The new version contains some new functions, like Call forwarding, Mood messages and now iTunes pause automatically when you receive a call on Skype. There are also loads of tweaks like new sounds, new sign-in screen and some other UI updates. Hope you like it. No video yet for Mac OS X, but we’re working on it. [link]

Here's hoping that I'll have a reason to dust off the iSight sometime soon!

Posted on December 10, 2005 9:21 PM to im